We take over most of the responsibilities associated with the production of your electronic devices. We specialize in projects with high degree of integration HDI. Our production capabilities, based on knowledge, competence and state of the art machines and equipment allows us to take on any challenge in the field of technology and production batch size. We help our customers to focus on the most important, from their point of view, business activities related to design, development and sale of finished products. Giving full or part of the complex processes associated with the production of electronics in our hands, you have confidence that you will receive the products produced in accordance with your requirements and technology, delivered on time. Our expertise in the field of surface mount technology SMT will allow to optimize your designs for manufacturability and thus potentially reduce the cost of production. We know very well how important is the reaction time, which is why we offer the shortest on the market deadlines. Our offer includes the complete product lifecycle. We will prepare, from production and technology side, introduction of the new product on the market (NPI), then we will lead the production of your devices in any quantities. Exceptional flexibility in relations to the requirements of our customers for over a decade that is our domain, allows us to effectively carry out projects in the most desirable nowadays system High-Mix – Low-Volume.

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