Since 2004, we provide you with a set of products and services involved in the manufacturing process of electronic devices. We specialize in this to what we know best - SMT technology. We are experts in the field of manufacturing the most difficult projects.

For over a decade we evolved in the direction of the production complex. We supply printed circuit boards PCB and electronic components and integrate them into the assembly process. Uncompromising quality is the foundation of our business. Working with us, you can be sure that your devices are manufactured using the European class professionals, using the most modern machines and equipment. Continuous development of our machine park is our way to keep the SMT process. 15 years of experience and knowledge of the owners who have the quality and timeliness of production legitimizes their own names, you receive as an addition to any production. We are characterized by an individual approach to each customer. We are involved in projects carried out in person, which allows us to better know and understand your needs. We look forward to when you do not have startup problems produced by our equipment and products leaving our factory become market success.

We serve customers from Polish and European market, mainly the industrial sector, defense, medical, high reliability devices, measuring and control devices.


Our strengths:


  • Exceptional flexibility in relation to the needs and requirements of the customers.
  • Excellent SMT process.
  • Expert staff.
  • The quality of the production.
  • Experience in high density integration HDI project implementation.


PROFILL Kostrzewa Kalbarczyk Sp. j.

+48 22 811 03 03
+48 602 157 427
+48 606 205 303


ul. Dorodna 16 B 5p 23
03-195 Warszawa
(area of the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology)

NIP 524-25-80-423
REGON 140616764
KRS: 0000258984