SMD AND THT Assembly

  • Flexible, high-performance and precision SMD assembly process. 
  • State of the art machinery and equipment.
  • Specialist position complementary THT assembly.
  • 100% automatic production control AOI.
  • Compliance with the requirements of IPC-A610.


Printed circuit boards assembly integrates all previous activities in the production of electronic devices such as: design, PCB manufacturing, components assembly. We think that is the most important step in the process of creating each device. Imperfections arising during the design and implementation of the PCB as well as any delay is revealed during assembly. Thus, surface mount SMT and THT assembly are complementary to the core of our business and in their entirety are made in our factory. We manufacture using only the most modern machines and equipment. Our latest pick and place machine is the first and only one of its type in Poland! During the whole production process we pay special attention to compliance regimes associated with ESD protection. We control and, if necessary, modify the parameters of moisture by heating the electronic components before issuing them to the production floor. Assembly can be done in a leaded or unleaded technology (compliant with ROHS) - according to your wishes. Our production prepare stencils for applying the soldering paste ( laser cut or etched - depending on the application). Using our in-depth knowledge and experience in the SMT process we optimize the aperture sizes before making the stencil. Therefore, when printing on a solder pads, paste is located exactly where it needs, in sufficient quantity. The quality of our products is our most important and overriding objective.


Assembly capabilities:


  • The maximum size of the PCB: 400x480 mm
  • The minimum size of the assembled components: 01005
  • Active components: uBGA, BGA, BGA PoP, finepitch 12 mils, QFP, TQFP, PLCC, MINIMELF
  • Odd components in unusual and irregular shaped enclosures (e.g. connector, electrolytic capacitors etc.)


Production potential:


  • Three independent automatic assembly lines built with new equipment
  • SMT Performance: 49 600 cph (components / hour).
  • Monthly production capacity: 20 million components.
  • Soldering in modern convection ovens with temperature profiling for the individual projects.
  • Automatic optical inspection of the entire production lot by AOI machine
  • Repair station stereoscopic microscopes equipped with 10-55x magnification
  • 20 workplaces for complementary THT assembly
  • Staff trained in the requirements and application of the IPC-A610-E standard

Recommendations for the preparation of projects for installation


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