Printed Circuit Boards PCB:

  • Two and multilayer PCB’s (2 - 20 layers)
  • Gerber files control before releasing the order for manufacturing (DFM)
  • 100% electrical testing


For many years, we deliver printed circuits boards to our customers. We work only with proven and reliable suppliers, mainly from Asian markets, where the quality and performance of technical culture PCB stands on the highest level.


Your PCB designs will be meticulously checked for corruption or technological issues upon gerber files and drilling, before sending it to the production line. Any hesitant will be immediately clarified with your design department. Many times we have helped in this way for our customers to avoid unnecessary delays or even loss of the entire batch of PCB because of errors in the Gerber files. Circuit manufacturing process itself usually takes about 14 days, although there are possible 7 days express services. The standard version is included on both sides soldermask, silkscreen, milling – at no charge. If for some reason it is important for you, we encourage PCB design to choose colors other than green soldermask. Are available: green, red, blue, black and white. By letting us produce the PCB, you do not have to worry about panelisation and technology frames (handles) for assembly machines - we do it for you.


The quality of our printed circuit board is guaranteed by 100% electric test of the entire batch produced. In addition, all PCBs in our factory pass optical control other than electrical, eliminating such defects as exposed copper, minor aesthetic defects.


Parameters offered circuits


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