• Ensuring the supply chain for the production of electronic components
  • Operations of the warehouse of components
  • Passive components - from the shelf


We will plan and will keep for your purchasing process and trailing materials for production.


We import components from around the world, while guarding against the elements of unknown origin, and all kinds of fakes. We buy only the components of documented origin, best quality and in manufacturer packaging.


We provide maintaining own warehouses of components or assigned to specific projects, or multiple projects the same customers. We take care of the maintenance of the status and timing of supply of critical components, so that when your demand for the supply of components, to begin production without delay. Entrusting us with gathering elements you do not have to worry about state or condition of the items, or the production allowances. Because we finally perform the assembly of purchased items, we will take care of an adequate supply of components for production. Elements are stored under controlled humidity and temperature. Before making them available for production we check and if necessary modify the parameters of the moisture by heating.


For all of our customers we run large, passive components warehouse. Using it is much easier to you to prevail over the multipoint bill of materials. 


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